Letter from the President

It is now time to think about setting a vision not only for ourselves, but for how we can make a positive impact on those around us-our spheres of influence. I know that often positive actions may seem insignificant in the moment, but collectively they become catalysts for a renaissance.

As neighbors, we can pause for a moment and consider the needs of others around us. In the same time it takes to watch another reality TV episode, we can speak a word of encouragement to a young person, drop off a quick dinner to elevate someone’s spirit, volunteer to share our area of expertise with another coming up behind us, or make time to grab a coffee with a person who needs to talk.

As parents, we need to spend time in the home educating our children on the world beyond their online posts. They need to learn about history, culture and how political policy impacts lives around them. We must push ourselves to go the extra mile when we are worn out from our day to ensure our children have exposure and opportunities to learn new things. Parents have been entrusted with responsibility of raising up the next generation of adults and leaders.

As community members, growth begins with each of us as individuals when we broaden our focus to include the ones standing to our left and right. Each new year brings fresh possibilities, and I am hoping that all of you have a wonderful year ahead.

Khadija Walker-Fobbs
BAAPN President